About us

About xpressparcel

TRENDY XPRESS PARCEL PRIVATE LIMITED is an online courier service, where you can book your parcel from anywhere in India in just a single click our dedicated courier’s pickup team will come and collect parcel from your door in less than 60 Minutes. Sending a parcel with Xpressparcel is easy our online booking system is easy to navigate and takes just a few short moments to complete all you require is the size and weight of your parcel, along with the collection and delivery address details. Once you’ve booked, you can sit back and relax as we collect your item and deliver it straight to where it needs to go. We offer safe fast and low-cost parcel deliveries with PAN India, to the over 19000+ Serviceable pin codes across the countries!

Mission and Vision

At xpressparcel, we believe that every good enterprise starts with a dream. But where does a dream become a reality? By defining a mission. Then the next step is formulating a vision. Vision is critical to focusing on an end result.

We all know that people are at the center of any endeavor. So, the focus of any endeavor needs to be on people - whether they are instrumental in the service delivery system or the end user of a product. At Xpressparcel, our Mission, Vision and Values are:

Our Mission

Xpressparcel is a pay-as-you-go courier service, which means that there is no complicated sign-up process or contracts. Anyone can send a parcel with us for an extremely competitive price. Whether you are a small business in need of an affordable shipping solution, or if you’re an individual that needs to send a parcel to a loved one - Xpressparcel can help you save both time and money on your parcel deliveries.

There are no set size or weight limits, which gives you the freedom to send heavy and large items for an affordable price.

Our Vision

Xpressparcel will be the India’s No. 1 courier company that provides:
  • People want to work with,
  • Customers want to deal with,
  • Shareholders want to invest with.

At Xpressparcel, we have great values:

  • We are positive and passionate about everything we do,
  • We take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves,
  • We embrace change and innovation,
  • We are friendly and caring toward our People and our Customers, and we treat everyone with respect,
  • We provide our People with the training and tools they need to do their jobs,
  • We celebrate our successes,
  • We personify the hard-working "can-do" attitude,
  • We are honest, open, and keep our commitments,
  • We respect our natural environment.